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Sir Richard Bishop Salvador Kali Album Cover


Exiled Records is very excited to present the first ever vinyl edition of Sir Richard Bishop's Salvador Kali. Originally released on cd by John Fahey's Revenant in 1998. This was released following a run of peak Sun City Girls activity (330,003 Crossdressers, Dante's Disneyland Inferno) and came as something of a shock; a stunningly beautiful instrumental album that was entirely accessible! Composed and recorded free of the burden of expectation, his debut album marked Bishop as a force operating on his own plane. A fairly significant departure from the freewheeling nature of the Sun City Girls, Salvador Kali is a concise album in which he explores the hallmarks of his style: North African influences, Spanish flamenco, Indian raga and a fiery take on Django Reinhardt's Rose Room. The epic 14-minute solo piano fantasia, Al-Darazi is saved for all of side C. There is an incredible cinematic feel to the album as it's vibe runs from pieces that could be in a Satyajit Ray film to a lost Antonioni sequence set on the Mediterranean in the 1970's. Ironic that it was released by John Fahey, as it is was one of the few solo guitar albums to be free of the long shadow cast by Fahey. Our favorite Sir Richard Bishop album on vinyl, at last!

$27 postage paid in the US, $34 to Canada, $45 to International destinations

Lavender Flu Album Cover


Heavy Air is a 30 song puzzle/map masterminded by Chris Gunn (The Hunches, Hospitals). Recorded on analog tape machines over a period of years and outside of the genre concentration camps. A home recording project approached completely open to experimentation but in love with songs. Like Terrence Malick's Tree Of Life remade by the ghost of Phillip K. Dick; projecting sounds as images inside your head. It's extremely psychedelic and dense with layers and layers yielding new secrets with each listen. Songs / melodies / lyrics appear and reappear as half remembered dreams or reconstructed memories. It's a circuitous path through pop songs ("My Time", "Those That Bend" – with a Waterloo Sunset vibe), blasted rockers ("Fingers Like Wounds"), beautiful instrumentals ("Feel The Ground", "Telepathic Axe"),fractured folk ("Between The Trees"), weirder experimental songs ("Vacuum Creature", "La-Bas"), straight up fried epics ("Transcendental Hangover") plus a few covers in the mix including a maximal / minimal take on The Godz mantra-like ode to sun worship and a Townes Van Zandt tune that is derailed by a massive panic attack. Traces of Big Star, Royal Trux, Brian Eno, Meat Puppets II, American Beauty are in the DNA but The Lavender Flu is its own beast.

While it is obviously insane to release a double album debut in the current no-attention-span era, it is the only way. Put in the time, you will be rewarded. This is one of those rare double albums that isn't overripe or padded with mediocrity. All killer, no filler! Super dynamic pressing! Completely insane on headphones! Recorded by Chris at home with lots of help from Justin Higgins (of Old Standard Sound), Lucas Gunn (The Blimp), Scott Simmons (Exiled Records, Helen), Ben Spencer (The Hunches), Adam Stonehouse (The Hospitals), Hart Gledhill (The Hunches), Spencer Clark and others. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Lacquers cut at Ardent (Big Star) by Jeff Powell on the old Stax Lathe. Vinyl cut at Quality Records.


Chrissy Zebby Tembo Album Cover


Super fuzzed out rock from Zambia. Groovy but not funky. Africa's answer to Black Sabbath? An incredible record from beginning to end - highest recommendation!

$20 postage paid in the US, $27 to Canada, $32 to other International destinations

Renderers Album Cover


Exiled Records is excited to release this compilation of some of our favorite songs by New Zealand cult legends, The Renderers. Formed in 1989 by Brian and Maryrose Crook of such esteemed bands as The Terminals, Max Block, Scorched Earth Policy, Flies Inside The Sun, etc. Rooted in a kind of cosmic country music, the songs regularly journey (lyrically and musically) into the heart of darkness while being taken outside the cosmos via Brian's raw and visceral guitar playing. Long a cult favorite with the few who have been lucky enough to hear / see them (Will Oldham covered their music and took them on the road with him as his backing band), they have operated in relative obscurity for decades. With nearly their entire discography only released on cd (and long unavailable), this is your first chance to have most of these classic tunes on vinyl. Starting with the classic 'Dream of the Sea' and ending with the heartbreaking 'A Million Lights'. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk who declared this one of his all time favorite releases. Edition of 500 copies. Don't sleep!


$20 postage paid in the US, $37 to other International destinations

Great Unwashed Album Cover


We are honored to re-release The Great Unwashed LP "Clean Out of Our Minds." After The Clean broke up the first time, David and Hamish Kilgour recorded this bedroom psych-pop masterpiece in the Spring of 1983 and released it on Flying Nun. Slightly more experimental and relaxed than The Clean, they utilize more acoustic instruments and get into a post-punk version of psychedelic folk rock that is more Syd Barrett than The Byrds.


Bathysphere Album Cover


We have released the first-time vinyl issue of Bathysphere, the debut solo album by Brian Crook (of such estimable bands as the Renderers, Terminals, Max Block, Scorched Earth Policy, etc). Originally released on CD in 2000, Bathysphere stalks the same haunted terrain as the Renderers but with an even more isolated feel. Includes guest spots by Robbie Yeats of the Dead C and Peter Stapleton of Dadamah, Pin Group, Terminals, etc. A hand numbered limited edition of 400 copies in beautiful silk screened covers.


$20 postage paid in the US, $37 to other International destinations

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